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Conscious nutrition will play an increasing role in our everyday lives this year. What does that mean for any of us? We have compiled some of the most important trends for you, which we will undoubtedly encounter more often in 2018:

How we food shop        
“Meet your Food” becomes a guiding motto for shopping and enjoyment. It’s about awareness of the origin and processing of our food. We want to know where our food comes from and what route it has travelled. We are not only buying locally, but are also visiting farmer markets, attending cooking courses and dining at organic cafes. In the future, perhaps we will ask: what is the name of the chicken that gave us our breakfast egg?

What we eat               
Vegetables are becoming increasingly important. In the Food Trend Report 2018, the nutritionist Hanni Rützler speaks of a Copernican turnaround: "We will not all become vegetarians, but we have recognized that meat does not have to be the centre of a good universe of pleasure." Variety on the plate can be achieved by vegetables like cauliflower and yam root which carry extraordinary flavours such as jackfruit or hominy.

What we drink
2018 will be sparkling, as fizzy drinks are becoming more and more common; at lunch, in the car or even at the bar. We might see lemonades with added natural flavors like birch bark and lavender or even carbonated, cold brewed coffee!

What is important to us
Breakfast gets a real upgrade. Because working days are increasingly regimented, we take more time on the weekend to savour (keyword: Brinner). The hotel and catering industry will also adapt to the changing significance of breakfast by offering more variety and extending opening hours. In 2018 it applies more than ever before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

What we pay attention to
Finally, the departure from the throwaway society has arrived in the kitchen: “No Waste", "Nose-to-Tail” or “Root-to-Stem" are important requests in 2018. Manufacturers and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce food waste. Parts of plants or animals that were once carelessly removed are now recycled. If you're still skeptical, try a salad from pickled watermelon rind. Or fruit paper made of no-longer-so-beautiful fruit as a fantastic snack.

How we live with food
Eating is not only a necessity, but also a passion. We organize our day around meal times and elevate dishes to works of art. This trend will continue, but refined food styling is increasingly becoming essential for a successful dinner party at home too. The host should no longer just cook well - colours, structures and decoration should also form part of the experience. Eating as a lifestyle? Even the destination can fade into the background. Cruises are more and more often booked by the name of the star chef on board - no matter where the journey goes.
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