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Furniture pieces, materials, and colours, which have long disappeared from the scene, are experiencing a comeback in 2017. Retro is alive and well proving as always that history will repeat itself. Mid-century furniture, reminiscent of the “good ol’ times” are popular once again. Seventies style chairs, round tables, velvet covered sofas and dark wood sideboards are making their way back into homes around the world. Nostalgic, bold, jewel tones like emerald, mustard yellow, sapphire blue and materials such as marble and brass are popular once again. Even the house bar will be en vogue. 

According to a new statistic, we are investing more in our home. Our own four walls gain more importance as a personal resting oasis. As per usual, the Scandinavians are already one step ahead: Hygge is the Danish concept of living that is wrapped up in comfort and coziness. Friends, family and satisfaction are the main focuses here. Warm light and cuddly materials create a sense of well-being and let us experience our home in a personal way. 

Folklore takes on a more colorful and natural form in the realm of home décor. The new folklore is a mix of African motifs, boho style and Asian influences mixed with natural materials. Wood, metal, rope, wool, and feathers feature heavily. Rich embroidered textures, and intricately woven and dyed tapestries, rugs and wallpaper create an element of energy and storytelling where exotic jungle motifs, African masks, Buddhists sculptures and large-area floral patterns decorate walls and flat surfaces bringing a sculptural element into homes.
Photo: living4media / Camilla Isaksson
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