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Seaweed for everyone
Discovery from the depths

Jamie Oliver swears on it, it is a staple in Japanese households, and soon it will be taking its rightful place in your pantry: Sea Algae is conquering the kitchens of the world. 

Whether creating food to be served in a dining hall or a gourmet restaurant, there is no chef too big or small to use the versatile sea algae.  Who could renounce this ingredient from the depths of the ocean when it holds all of these different health benefits?  Algae contains more vitamin C than oranges.  It is rich in iodine, calcium, and protein.  And eating these ocean greens can have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The diversity of algae is also reflected in the variety of delicious dishes. The classic: mild aroma, delicately salted Nori algae help the delicious sushi filling reach an intense unique level.  When used in soups and salads, Wakame algae creates a unique crunchy texture, sure to make a sensual taste experience.

Gourmet foodies reach for an epicurean algae salad with oysters and caviar and sweet-toothed dessert seekers will find their cravings met with fine algae pudding with rhubarb.  Even Spaghetti Bolognese can be conjured from these nutritious marine vegetables. And how about the delicious algae for popcorn or chips?
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